Relativ simpler Stereocoder

Nicht getestet, ich kann daher keine Angaben bezüglich der Qualität machen. Er wird aber auf jeden Fall besser als ein Coder mit BA1404 sein..


Und weil der Harry das so wollte, hier noch sein Text:

 "222" Stereo Coder
By Harry Lythall - SM0VPO

This Printed Circuit Board foil pattern is to the 222 stereo coder
given on my homepages. This project generates the coded modulating
waveform from 1v peak-to-peak "LINE" audio levels for feeding into
a wide-band FM transmitter in the 88 to 108MHz broadcast band. The
project does NOT output a radio signal, and is used in conjunction
with an additional transmitter. The transmitter must have an audio
modulating bandwidth of 20Hz - 65kHz (+/- 3dB) or performance will
will be degraded.

222_stereo_enc.txt - This file - 937 bytes
222_stereo_enc_cct.gif - Circuit diagram - 5,796 bytes
222_stereo_enc_pcb-foil.gif - PCB foil pattern - 13,935 bytes
222_stereo_enc_components.gif - Component overlay - 18,896 bytes

If you wish to distribute this project then you must include every
file listed above, without modification, including this text file.
Whilst you may copy and use this coder circuit for personal use I
retain all intelectual and property rights to the project, and all
related files. This design may NOT be published without my express
permission, and this design may NOT be used in any way for gain or
profit without an agreement from me personally. I will not accept
any responsibility of blame for the use or misuse of this project.

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Have fun and best regards from
Harry Lythall,
Västanlid (Lunda),
195-93 Märsta,


 .......alles für den eigenen UKW Radiosender