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Introduction of Kazuhiro Sunamura....mich Vorstellung


My name is Kazuhiro Sunamura. I am a 42 year old mechanical engineer. I am not an engineer in electronics. I have been interested in electricity and radio from the age of ten. For the last ten years, I have been active on my ham radio station JF10ZL. I have also written articles about my some of my radio projects in Japanese for the Japanese CQ Magazine. Now I have decided to get onto the internet and will take the opportunity of showing you my equipment and ideas. Please have a look at my schematics. I will be very happy if this material helps you with your own radio projects. I am a member of the J.A.R.L. affiliated Tsuchiura Club, the local ham club in my home town.

Description ads on 24 Sep2000: I became also a member of QRP-A.R.C.I#10233. But I am afraid that I must send the 20 Dollars soon to keep my membership. HiHi

Ich bin JF1OZL, Kazuhiro Sunamura, eine japanische "Amateur Radio Station". Im Jahr 1995 bin ich in Muenchen gewesen. Dort habe ich das Deutsche Museum besucht. Es freut mich sehr, dass viele Deutsche QRP Amateurfunk betreiben. Ich moechte mit Ihnen hiermit meine 50MHz QRP Projekte vorstellen.
Im Jarh 2000 have ich nach "kommunikations Museum" in Koblenz central postamt besucht. Aber leider haben das Museum nach Frankfurt umgeziehen.
Im Jahr 2001 have ich nach "Kommunikations Museum in Frankfurt" besuchen. Aber leider das zimmer fuer Amateur radio geschlossen.



Powerless transmitter:

This is AM transmitter, using no power supply. It moves only by the voice power. Audio power is translated for electric power and it excite radio frequency oscillator. And by the way, audio power modulates the radio frequency signal. 8cm speaker is used for the microphone. The audio signal is rectified by the diode (D1). C1 capacitor is charged for 2 volts by the big voice. Small voice adds the modulation signal upon the DC voltage. You must speak like "Waaaaaaaaaa this is jf1ozl Waaaaaaaaa cqcq". This transmitter generates about 20 micro watts radio frequency energy. You can use it only the same room, between this transmitter and the radio.












Mehr interessante Projekte gibts auf seiner Homepage:\JF10ZL\index.html




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